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We believe a strong diversified RAAM Qualifying system will benefit RAAM, the various events, the racers and the sport as a whole.  Toward that end, RAAM management encourages event owners/directors to submit applications to become a RAAM Qualifying event. In an effort to insure the integrity of the system and the RAAM brand, RAAM management has established certain procedures and standards for becoming an RQ.


Standards for Becoming a RAAM Qualifier


Following are the current standards for becoming a RAAM Qualifier (RQ):

  • Start of the proposed RQ must not be within 250 miles and/or 30-days of an existing RQ in the same country

  • Event must have been run one year prior to application

  • Event must be non-drafting

  • Distance must be at least 350 miles for a “RAAM Style” RQ

  • Event must be conducted on open public roads and racers must obey all traffic laws

  • RAAM rules must apply - variations will be allowed subject to approval

  • Officials must be adequate to insure safety, level playing field and race integrity

  • Event must have liability insurance and name RAAM, Inc. an additional insured

  • Event must agree to proper use of RAAM trademarks

  • Event must show RAAM logo on the event website with click-through to RAAM website

  • Event must agree to execute and abide by RAAM License Agreement


Application Process


Event owners/directors wishing to become a RAAM Qualifying race should submit a package containing the following information to the RAAM President/CEO:

  • Event description, including general location, map and dates

  • Route Book Or Cue Sheet

  • Rules

  • First year’s race results

  • Photos and videos

  • Operational plan (Registration, check-in, inspections, start, finish, officiation, race updates and results)

  • Website

  • Owner(s), race director and contact information

Please allow up to 90 days for processing of application.  Successful applicants will be required to execute and abide by RAAM License Agreement.


For further information please contact:

Fred Boethling, RAAM President/CEO

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