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A solid Public Relations effort should be an integral part of your race effort.  It will help tell your story to a larger audience and increase exposure for your sponsors and the people who have supported your race effort.

Each year, more than 1,500 stories are presented through all forms of media markets.  These stories span the globe and have a broad range in content.ᅠYour stories are what help grow the audience, maintain sponsor and charity relationships, and further engage the broader cycling community.ᅠWell executed PR can extend your story well beyond the two weeks of the race.


Story ideas include:


  • The story behind the athlete(s)

  • The charity you support - background on the charity, how much money you are raising, etc.

  • Why you are choosing to race RAAM

  • What it’s like being an endurance athlete - from your training program to your diet


If you have a story you would like help telling to major media outlets, primarily US based, please email us anytime at


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