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Welcome to the No Stages podcast! Our content focuses on all things endurance and the pursuit of excellence. We engage with top athletes, coaches, nutritionists, equipment manufacturers, etc. in the business. Life is in motion, it is not a stage race. We find out from some of the most interesting personalities how they approach highs, lows, challenges and everything in between on their way to success in their respective disciplines.

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George Thomas has been racing bikes since 1982.  Although George was interested in one day doing the Great American Bike Race (better known now as Race Across America), he was truly bitten by the ultra bug in 1984 when he entered the Spenco 500 as part of a relay team. Since then George has raced multiple times across America, in Alaska, Furnace Creek, Hoodoo, Missouri, the Northeast and much more.  He has announced the RAAM and RAW finish lines and banquets since 2009.


He started the Over the Top Cycling podcast January 12, 2012 and has been a podcast presence ever since. As well as interviewing cycling personalities from local riders to top pros, George has provided daily cycling coverage from Race Across America, Amgen, Tour of Utah, Tour of the Gila, Australia, The Giro d'Italia, Vuelta a'Espana, Paris Nice and many more.


Rick Boethling's first passion is ice hockey, playing though university. In the early 90’s he started rock climbing, mountaineering and riding mountain and road bikes. In the early 2000s he moved on to adventure racing for several years. In 2007, he was part of the acquisition of Race Across America (RAAM) and quickly became the executive director. He also was the co-founder of Race Across the West, the 6-12-24 Hour World Time Trial Championships, and the Longhorn 500. Since then, he has raced on teams in Hill Country 600, NCOM, the 508 and Hoodoo 500.

He has been the announcer for the start of Race Across America since 2018, and over the past couple of years, he has co-hosted several live streaming events and interviews with George Thomas.

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Episode 1 - Dusty Dustyn

January 24, 2022

(Passcode: D6Q@Ktq6)

Dusty is an amazing woman. When we added another day to the 2021 6-12-24 Hour World Time Trial Championships (WTTC) so that we could hold the 6-hour races on Sunday, the thought that someone might do the 12-hour or the 24-hour AND then do the 6-hour the next day didn’t really cross our minds. But the thought not only occurred to this age 70+ racer, she carried it through. She rode 190.8 miles (16 mph average) in the 12-hour race on Saturday, and then came back to do 96 miles (16.1 mph average) in the 6-hour on Sunday for a total of 286.8 mile. Not a bad weekend’s ride, eh?

2019-03-22 to 25 RAAM Challenge Texas Jen Mag Photo-2025.jpg

Episode 2 - Chris Davies & Crystal Hootman

(Passcode: FGj5Q1*H)

January 31, 2022

Rick Boethling and George Thomas are joined by ultra-cyclists Chris Davies and Crystal Hootman, who discuss their strategies of racing multiple races a year and assembling a top-notch support crew for each.

2021-10-08 to 09 WTTC 12-24-1069.jpg

Episode 3 - Shane Trotter

February 7, 2022

(Passcode: 7j*dayvv)

Shane Trotter had a busy and successful 2021 season; he was on the 2-person Race Across the West team that set a new record, he won his solo category in the Silver State 508, and just two weeks later he won the age 30-39 24-Hour category at the 6-12-24 Hour World Time Trial Championships and was second overall solo with 483.6 miles. Watch and listen as he talks about all of that, his plans for 2022, and about his charity, Action Against Hunger.


Episode 4 - Fitzgerald's Bicycle Shop

(Passcode: Z!S113s8)

February 14, 2022

George Thomas and Rick Boethling with Bart and George Flynn from Fitzgerald’s Bicycle Shop, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Among the topics they’ll explore are the impact of Specialized going direct to consumer, and the business of being an LBS.


Episode 5 - Jill Gass

February 21, 2022

(Passcode: 4!$PF*?y)

Coaching Series #1: Rick Boethling and George Thomas chat with Jill Gass of Revoultion Coaching about preparing for your upcoming season.


Episode 6 - Colleen Lingley

February 28, 2022

(Passcode: J@q7%T6Y)

Rick Boethling and George Thomas discuss sports nutrition with Colleen Lingley, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN).

Lingley has 17 years of experience as an RDN in various fields, with an emphasis on endurance sports nutrition, diabetes, obesity and chronic kidney disease. In addition to Colleen’s role as an inpatient dietitian at Flagstaff Medical Center, she teaches recovering drug and alcohol votaries how to use food as medicine during their recovery, writes nutrition articles for the local newspaper, conducts support groups for bariatric clients, teaches basic nutrition to preschoolers, gives sports nutrition talks to runners both young and advanced, and participates in radio and podcast interviews on various nutrition topics.

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Episode 7 - Leah Goldstein

March 14, 2022

(Passcode: 1BD42q$u)

Rick Boethling and George Thomas introduce our friends at home to Leah Goldstein, the amazing woman who took the overall solo win at last year’s Race Across America. Hear her inspiring story; she’s been a pro road cyclist, a martial arts champion, a solider, and more!

This year she’s returning to the Race Across the West, the race that she won back in 2012.

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Episode 8 - Julie Lyons

March 21, 2022

(Passcode: q?e9%o!h)

Rick Boethling and George Thomas talk to Julie Lyons; a strong ultra-cyclist in her own right, and a co-founder of the cycling team, Love Sweat & Gears.

This was one of our most fun shows, with Rick, George, and Julie discussing the many intricacies of putting together a team for RAAM and RAW, along with tips on preparation, training, and logistics.


Episode 9 - Fred Boethling

March 28, 2022

(Passcode: 4Vtwxu2)

Rick Boethling and George Thomas introduce our friends at home to RAAM CEO/President Fred Boethling who’ll discuss RAAM Qualifiers and our upcoming Texas Hell Week. Fred knows a thing or two about RAAM—not only is he the man at the helm, he’s also completed it—twice—once on a 2-rider team and once as a solo.

2022-04-02 to 04 Longhorn 500 Stampede 200-361.jpg

Episode 10 - Sylvia Mass & Kristi Sisson

March 29, 2022

Listen in as George "the voice of RAAM" Thomas chats with Sylvia Maas and Kristi Sisson. They're in middle of Texas Hell Week and share their thoughts on how great it is to be back on the roads with other riders and crew, how awesome the riding is in Northern Texas, their prep for this weekend's Longhorn 500, Maas' prep for the Race Across the West.

2022-04-02 to 04 Longhorn 500 Stampede 200-323.jpg

Episode 11 - Phil Fox

April 11, 2022

(Passcode: jvp4Cz^0)

Rick Boethling and George Thomas speak with RAAM 2022 entrant and recent Longhorn 500 winner Phil Fox. He’ll talk about his race in Texas, and about his preparation and training for his rookie RAAM.

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Episode 12 - John Tarlton

April 18, 2022

(Passcode: f4=HfSQg)

Rick Boethling and George Thomas introduce our friends at home to 2-time RAAM finisher John Tarlton. His second RAAM is the subject of a new movie “Until the Wheels Come Off.” This film depicts fifty-year old Tarlton in his second RAAM, which was an effort to raise funds for cancer research. The film, which centers on the almost unfathomably intense challenges of RAAM was produced by Jenny Dearborn, a leading Silicon Valley HR executive, social justice advocate, and champion for equality and diversity, who felt compelled to document the journey undertaken by her husband John Tarlton.

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Episode 13 - Team Sonoma Creamery

(Passcode: r.?N2g3Y)

May 2, 2022

Join Rick Boethling and George Thomas as they speak to John Crean and Uli Muench—two members of Team Sonoma Creamery, a 4-person age 50-59 team entered in RAAM 2022 that has an admirable goal for their effort, as revealed by team member John Crean in a recent chat with RAAM Media, “Our goal really is to finish the race within the time cutoff (9 days and 12 hours) and finish with everybody healthy. Our cause is helping injured cyclists who don’t have sufficient insurance coverage—which is a fairly common occurrence."


Episode 14 - Love, Sweat, & Gears

(Passcode: eGFau6^#)

May 9, 2022

We’ve seen many iterations of Love Sweat & Gears over the years in RAAM and RAW. The team is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization as well as a bicycling team competing in ultra events. They have supported many charitable organizations over the years. For 2022, they have four amazing athletes (Karin Gardner, Lori Klabunde, Kilee Harmon, Melanie Carvelle) out to conquer RAAM in support of Gaia Home. An enclave of residential units and community spaces, Gaia Home will be one of the first dedicated homes of its kind in the state of North Dakota with qualified medical care specializing in the end-of-life journey.