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Welcome to Registration for the

2025 Race Across America, Race Across the West, and Race Across the East

Before proceeding, please read these instructions and review the registration form below.


In addition, please be sure to review the information on divisions, time cutoffs, policies and what is included with your registration. This information can be found in the gear book which is accessible here: RAAM | RAW | RAE.


Registration requires TWO separate and distinct steps – REGISTRATION/PAYMENT and RACER PROFILE

Pre-registration FAQ


Click here for information will help you through the initial registration steps. 



Fill out the form below and submit.  For payment online, Visa and Mastercard are accepted (see entry fees here). Please review it carefully before submitting.


To pay by check, PayPal, or wire transfer, please email for instructions.  


You must also email to register for Tandem or Open Divisions.


When emailing, Please put "RAAM", "RAW", or "RAE", whichever is appropriate in the subject line. This will help insure your email does not get trapped in our SPAM filter.


Once you have submitted the form, please retain the user id and password you have entered.  These are required to complete step two of the registration process.


After your registration has been submitted and your payment (payment-in-full or deposit) has been received, you are now registered.  At this point, your personal Information will be entered into the RAAM Records System (RRS). You may LOGIN to the RRS at anytime to review, change and/or enter new information, using your User ID and Password.





In the RAAM Records System (RRS), fill out racer information profile and provide all documentation.


In the RRS, you can also do the following: 

  • Add or change Team members and Team information

  • Provide complete information for each Racer

  • Provide complete information about your Crew Chief and Crew

  • Enter a biography for each Racer

  • Enter information about your team and your team's goals, purpose or the charity you are supporting

  • Submit Racer and Team photos

  • Electronically sign the Racer Agreement and Waiver, and the Drug Testing Consent Form


You can log on to the RSS at


Completing the Racer Profile may be done all at once, or as information becomes available.  You may change this information as you add/drop team members, add sponsors, etc.  Please do your best to provide accurate and complete information.  Please keep this information current. You may return to LOGIN as many times as you wish to update and change information.  All information for Racers must be complete by March 1.


We strive to provide the best possible platform from which you can showcase your sponsors and raise money for your favorite charities.  Accurate and complete information helps race fans fully engage, and is essential for us to be able to communicate with the media in an accurate and timely manner.


We hope your preparations go well.  See you in Oceanside.


Rick Boethling

VP/Executive Director

Race Across America/Race Across the West/

Race Across the East


Policy on Refunds and Rollovers, click here.

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